Thursday, October 28, 2010

play time for grown-ups

Lately my anxiety has been kicking my butt a lot. The best things for alleviating it are playing on the swings, taking pictures, and fiddling around in Photoshop. I decided to combine the three and invite Richard to play with me.

Trying to set up the lighting was frustrating and I am not happy with the swing pictures that I got. Apparently my camera cannot handle my remote trigger and off-camera flash at the same time. The upside to that is I had to get super creative with my set-up for the rest of the shots.
test set-up
Can you spot where the flash is in this test shot?
slide test
How about in this one? (You can, however, spot Richard.)

And while I think our slide photo could have been better, the behind-the-scenes antics could not be funnier.
team slide
As I mentioned before, I couldn't use the remote and my off-camera flash at the same time so I ended up setting up the flash, setting a timer, and having Richard dash like a madman. Richard was the one running because I am slow and would have ended up mostly with shots of the back of my head as I tried to scurry up the slide. There were so many outtakes where the flash didn't fire, or it only illuminated part of the scene, or we slid down too fast... This is is pretty amazing, and not just because we were shouting "for glory!"

We also rode the dinosaur, which was the best part of playing with the flash.
dinosaur surfing

This is my absolute favorite shot of the night:
Yes, his face is so overexposed you can't see his expression. But I don't need to see it to know how epic it is to jump off a dinosaur into a bright burst of light.

I feel better already.

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