Thursday, January 21, 2010

...we interrupt the regularly scheduled content...

I'm still going through the Ohio photos but I could not resist bringing a little color and flair to you.

Program Board has an coffeehouse music series every spring called Java and Jams in Jupiter which I'm hopefully going to cover for University Press. I covered the 'preview' show in November and had an amazing time with Tad Dreis (who got his own post here) so I knew I could not miss last night's show.

The first show of the season was Abi Cook. I can only hope the other musicians live up to the standard she set. She is soulful, quirky, and a huge sweetheart. When Austin and I spoke to her before the show, she was actually interested in my photography. And her only request was that I post the photos on Facebook and tag her in them so she could see them. I wish more musicians were that nice about my camera. In exchange, I tried not to blind her too much with my rediculous flash of doom (which I am still getting used to).

I wish photos could convey her presence. She just sings from the heart and the entire room feels warmer and more inviting.
Abi Cook

Now, let's just hope that retroactively telling UP that Austin and I covered the show works out.

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