Tuesday, January 26, 2010

adventure is always worth writing home about [trip part three]

For those of you just tuning in, especially the visitors from I [heart] faces, this is part three of my trip to Ohio. The last two posts can be found here and here, respectively. I feel the need to remind you that these photos are being linked from Facebook and therefore may not be quite as awesome quality as the ones from flickr, but I really has no desire to host them twice. Moving on...

In the last post, I covered my introduction to snow. The day after the hike through the woods on the farm, I went exploring via van with Grandpa Butch and Mr. Andy. But first, we needed to pick out a Christmas tree.

Once Cassie picked out the perfect tree, we dropped off everyone else and went exploring.

Our first stop was a neighboring farm because they had sheep. In case my previous post with my plush sleep didn't give it away, I kind of like them. Of course, these sheep had to be all aloof and 'baaaah' at me from a distance.

Luckily, their guard donkey was slightly more friendly.

From there, we went to the cemetery for a history lesson. I love the old tombstones in the snow.

We just drove around, talking about history and letting me take pictures for an hour or so...

...until the cows decided to block the road.

Moo-ve it! (What, not punny?)

The next day, we drove into New Philadelphia for coffee and internet access at the Daily Grind. This is what Grandma Linda and Grandpa Butch do to relax, even when they don't have a house full of people. However, I was much more interested in exploring the street that the cafe was on.

The best part of adventuring in Ohio might just be the icicles.

I know this post doesn't really convey the storytelling and the history and the laughter associated with these photos, but it's difficult to explain to someone who was not there what it was like to have these experiences. But hey, you're getting pretty pictures, right?

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