Saturday, January 30, 2010

experiments and adventure

In the interest of full disclosure, my absolute favorite moon shot(s) of the year were taken the day before yesterday and my 'wolf moon' shots were disappointing due to an odd circle of clouds.

low moon caught diptych
I just love watching the moon rise.

I've been wandering around, shooting a little bit more since I no longer have to edit Ohio pictures. Wait, don't I owe you more snow pictures from the trip? uh... um... yeah, I'll get right on that. In the mean time, I went to the pier yesterday twice: once at lunchtime and once for sunset. I absolutely love the Juno Beach pier and would probably spend more time there if it didn't offend my "must keep salt and sand off my camera" sensibilities. But while I was there, I decided to take a few pictures for a specific Photoshop experiment: high-dynamic range imaging. Yes, I know a lot of people think it's kitschy or overdone and downright tacky but I wanted to try it. So I did.
Juno Beach pier HDR
Juno Beach pier HDR 2
Whether you think they're garish, amazing, or just more photos from my adventures, I can cross it off my list of things I want to try. Since I was being silly anyway, I also decided to play with the tilt-shift action I made a while back.
tilt shift seagull
tilt shift Juno Beach pier
The vintage coloring shows up again too. But this is what happens when I'm shooting for myself: I have fun and do whatever I feel like and then sort of haphazardly throw together words and photos to tell you what I did.

And then there were the jellyfish... I cannot speak for anyone else in my life but I find Portuguese man-o-war jellies to be beautiful and squishy and generally photogenic.
man-o-war cinq
I think it helps that they look like purple and blue balloons, since I like those too.

I'm kicking myself at the moment for somehow leaving the I[heart]faces button off my contest entry post because I'd like to think I would have been featured if I had it. Time to facepalm and move on. I'll never get any adventuring done otherwise.

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