Sunday, January 24, 2010

small victories are big steps

I finally finished the Ohio photos! And that just makes me want to blog about them even less. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the photos and the stories and the memories. I just need some time to think about something else and enjoy shooting projects entirely for myself. It's a small victory that is requiring me to take a big step.

I'm pushing for more work for the University Press so I can have a paid position. Once again, small victory that is requiring me to up the stress level in my life.

So yesterday, I took my somewhat deflated balloons from the glow party and showed them my favorite places to be. The light wasn't golden and perfect, which suits me just fine. I have a cooler colored temperament sometimes. I just want to be chill.
balloon journey triptych
balloon journey diptych
I have been experimenting with different means of mimicking using my old (film) cameras and expired film. This shoot had a somewhat nostalgic feel--especially with the peace sign in the cement--and I just could not resist going to town.

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