Tuesday, January 19, 2010

my introduction to snow [trip part two]

read part one here first

We started driving up to Ohio around 5 in the morning on December 18th. The drive went on and on and on... The drive from Crestview into Alabama didn't take too long but once we were in Alabama, it seemed like we'd never get out. Part of the problem was that the highway was randomly closed with no detour signs so we sort of drove around for a while, attempting to make our way far enough that we felt we could get back on. Tennessee was pretty nice. But by the time we got to Kentucky, I was ready to be out of the car. The temperature was 35 and taunted me so. It started dropped further as we approached the Ohio state line and hit 32 as we officially crossed into the state. By the time we got to the gas station, it had started to flurry.
So, in typical Brenda fashion, I stood there in the middle of the gas station in my pajamas and a hoodie, taking pictures of the snowflakes twirling in the breeze.

The next morning, I pried myself out from under the covers and bundled up for my first day playing in the snow. My feet sunk right in.

Rather than building a snow man, Doug and Cassie decided to make a snow dinosaur.

Then, we headed out to Doug's grandparents' farm, where I became properly acquainted with the wonders of winter.

This is Dusty. He is warm and lovable and in charge of adventures.

That early morning hike through the woods was everything I expected this trip to be. It was cold and beautiful and slippery.

Grandma Linda took this photo of Doug and I. His sense of wonder and my dopey grin say it all.

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