Saturday, September 24, 2011

kiss the rain

I've been working on a blog post all day. Then, I heard rain falling outside. What's a girl to do?

I ran outside to play in the rain. So now you're getting this post instead.

This shot reminds me of some of the ones I took while experimenting with manual mode last time except much more organic and 'me'. (Yes, I shot in manual again today. I am proud of me.)

rainy diptych

This was a lucky shot. My glasses were soaked and I couldn't see what my camera settings were so I just took a photo and hoped for the best. I almost never show shots straight out of camera but I just had to when I saw how dreamy this came out.
hazy rainy dream SOOC
I also edited it because editing is fun for me.
hazy rainy dream

rainy rose

To quote Alkaline Trio: "Did I run outside to kiss the rain under electrical skies?" I did. I try to every time it rains because this is what makes me feel alive. I am soaking wet and can't stop smiling. Isn't that how life should always be?
rainy walk me

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