Saturday, September 3, 2011

lazy and crazy [52:35]

This week's theme for project 52 is lazy so I'm using that as an excuse to have put off blogging it. It's not like I had a giant anniversary post to write and a 160 slide digital photo scrapbook to make or anything. (That was sarcasm. There needs to be a special symbol for it.)

If we want to be really technical, this photo doesn't epitomize laziness as much as it demonstrates caution when driving. I had a job interview and wanted to wear shoes that would make a good impression but they're floppy leather and I was afraid they'd hinder my driving. In true Brenda fashion, I wore my sneakers to drive, changed shoes in the parking lot, and then changed back before I drove home.
project 52-35-lazy
I'll stop being lazy now and get work shoes I can drive in (especially since at least one of my coworkers reads this blog).

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