Saturday, September 10, 2011

thirst for knowledge [52:36]

I set a bad precedent by giving myself the 'apology' tag.

I'm most likely going to be posting less frequently again. Hopefully I can get back to a more content-rich posting schedule soon but right now I'm adapting to a new job. That means I really only have time (and daylight) to shoot on the weekends. On the bright side, I'm learning about search engine optimization so I can try out what I learn on the blog.

Speaking of learning, I find it kind of funny that last week's theme for project 52 was thirst for knowledge and I was late getting my entry done because I was reading up for work.
project 52-36-thirst for knowledge
This is my most random bookshelf. It has my reference books, things I read for school, and anything that wouldn't fit on my other shelves. It's also where most of the books I brought to photograph baby Liam came from.

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