Monday, September 12, 2011

60 second self portraits

This "not shooting" and "not editing" thing (okay, *two* things) are driving me crazy. I feel like I'm only loving with half a heart. So... I got home from work today and did something about it. I wore a cute cami (tank top, for those of you who don't get help shopping) with a sweater and had my hair pulled back in a bun. Take down hair, toss sweater over chair, and dance around upstairs. While I was washing my hands, I noticed how cute I looked with my almost-straight hair (from the bun) and decided to take pictures of myself. These were all taken either in the mirror or MySpace-style but the point was to keep shooting, editing and blogging. These are who I am: a crazy girl who dances around the bathroom because she is so happy. And it only took me a minute to capture it.
60 second self portrait
60 second self portrait 2
60 second self portrait 3
60 second self portrait 4

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