Friday, April 22, 2011

warm and fuzzy [52:16]

After the seriousness of the last post, I needed something cute and lovable. Since Erin posted on twitter that she wanted a bunny, I thought I'd let my stuffed bunny reply.
project 52-16-warm and fuzzy
Unfortunately, she was too short to reach all the keys, even when she was sitting on my photo album.


  1. Awwww hi bunny!!!! Can I pet you? What is your name??? You look very well loved. I like that.

  2. This is Rifka. She's named after my grandma. I bought her with my first paycheck EVER when I was 14. She's been with me for 8 years now and I've taken her everywhere to me, even to Israel. That's right, my bunny has played manhunt with Israeli soldiers.
    Feel free to pet her and hug her and snuggle her for as long as you need. I just need her back by bedtime. ;)