Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Dear home,
I don't write a lot of personal stuff here. I'm not one of those bloggers who talks about her day, let alone pours her heart out onto the keyboard. If you just come here for the pretty pictures, you may not really be interested in this post. But this is perhaps the most amazing thing I have ever had the honor to write about.
A friend of mine has been struggling a lot lately with mental illness and the way life is so unfair sometimes. (I don't wish to talk about her business on my blog so pardon how vague I'm being.) Her blog posts have been getting darker and more depressing and her friends/readers have been getting more and more concerned. When she posted what amounted to her obituary on her blog, everyone left comments about how they love her and hope that she didn't kill herself. And then, we all turned to each other. We kept commenting and refreshing her blog until we crashed it. Conversations were had via twitter as everyone mobilized to track down her family, her friends, and ultimately her. I could hear a collective exclamation of "thank God!" when the news came in that she's alive and getting help.
I don't have words for the way this makes me feel. The idea of a community getting together online to support each other isn't exactly a novel concept, but this still blows me away. People from far away were messaging local friends and calling around because they all love.

While I don't have a large reader base, I have the fortune of knowing the majority of you personally. I am doubly thankful that good people in my life are close in proximity to me if I need them.


  1. This post made me cry. <3 In good and bad ways, but mostly good.

  2. It made me cry too while I was writing it. I am just so relieved that she is okay.