Sunday, February 6, 2011

a post long overdue

Dear home,
In the past week, I've had quite a bit of adventure. I've just been a little slow to blog it. While I have an answer to my heart problem, I have not yet been 'fixed' so I am still in pain. My priority is shooting, not blogging.

For class, I had to do a series of 'non-representational' shots. And along the way, I saw some really awesome things (most of which did not qualify for the assignment).
water fountain diptych
purple bouganvilla diptych
rooftop streetlight diptych

Part of my journeying involved taking Doug with me to the downtown area. We found the coolest wall ever. I must come back and shoot here again.
We also danced on the roof of a parking garage.
rooftop dancing
On our way home, I saw this scene. I stealthily set up the shot and snapped away before he could see me. The light was just perfect--the way it diffused through the plastic and wrapped around every surface... this was a street photographer's dream.
construction site

A few days later, Dave and I went to the beach to play mad scientist. I already showed a sneak peek of it for my project 52 because I could not wait to share it.
beach science
beach science bubbles
beach science diptych
beach science diptych 2
All of the shots were lit from below by a flashlight buried in the sand. He filled the glassware with water and dropped in some dry ice. The bubbles came from adding dish soap, as did a lovely blue color.
We also lit some isopropyl alcohol on fire as a reprise of our original mad scientist adventure.
beach science flames

My life feels simultaneously like it is speeding by and dragging on at the same time. I'm waiting to be scheduled for a medical procedure to fix my heart and just watching things as they come. A train speeds by, slowing down to block the road as it stops for reasons we'll never know. We inch past a church as slow as possible and the stained glass still blurs in the late night dark.
train crossing
stained glass blur
Life is strange sometimes but it is also beautiful. I may be behind on blogging, but I'm certainly not behind on shooting and appreciating. I just need to be better so I can get back to sharing what I love with you.

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