Monday, August 2, 2010

random act of kindness [i heart faces]

This week is a non-competition week over at . Instead, they have asked for stories of how their members have given back through photography.

My mom works at the Ann Storck Center. She's a teacher in their preschool and absolutely loves it. For the past 2 years (since I got my digital SLR), I have photographed her students for Mothers' Day so that she has photos to put in the cubes her students make. For some families, these are the first photos that actually show their children's personalities.

Ann Storck
Ann Storck 2

Now, I need to figure out whether I can handle volunteering for the littlest heroes project while I'm taking a full course load and writing my thesis.


  1. those photos are beyond adorable

  2. what an incredible gift... I'm sure the families loved these pictures... thanks for sharing!