Friday, July 30, 2010

the curse continues!

A few years back, I was attempting to photograph the stars someplace where there was limited light pollution. We saw fireflies and I was so excited. I was all set to capture the perfect shot with the twinkling of the fireflies and the stars when a wild boar decided that our shoot was over. I remember pulling my tripod into the car and slamming the door, mid-exposure. I got a great story out of the night, but I certainly did not get a good shot.

The last time I tried to photograph a meteor shower, the part of my tripod that holds the head steady broke and I didn't get a shot. I saw three of the most beautiful meteors but had nothing to show for it.

Last night was an overlap of two meteor showers and I was so excited. I was all set to drive far enough west that there wasn't much of anything, set up my tripod, and click away. I had just finished adjusting all the settings and was about to take my first shot when Doug went "Brenda..." and I froze. He heard the boar before I did and wanted to alert me without attracting its attention. We didn't stick around to get a shot of the boar; I dragged my tripod into the car and we sped off.

I snapped this shot as we turned off the dirt road and got close enough to civilization that I felt safe.
dusty road escape

We stopped off at Sonic for some "I'm sorry your night got ruined by a boar again" root beers and then continued on towards the beach.
late night Sonic run

Unfortunately, we could not find any place dark enough to shoot the meteor shower that we could actually get to safely and legally.
A1A drive

Maybe one day I'll get to actually shoot a meteor shower or star trails without something happening.

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