Monday, July 5, 2010

laugh like sparklers

"We laughed the way people laugh on the edge of dark and dangerous times, like little sparklers out in the night"
-the Raw Shark Texts

Last night was a crazy, rainy fourth of July. I spent the night standing in the rain with Doug holding an umbrella over my camera so I could shoot the fireworks. It was so worth it.

fourth of July
This shot was probably one of the coolest shots of the night. I used the technique found here and gradually rotated the manual focus from infinity downwards until the shutter closed.

We stood atop the parking garage at FAU in the pouring rain to watch the fireworks. I was cold, wet, and couldn't stop laughing. Can you even tell it was raining?
fourth of July 2
fourth of July 3
fourth of July 4
fourth of July 5
fourth of July 6
fourth of July 7
fourth of July 8
The grand finale!
fourth of July 9

Ever time the shutter closed, I'd hit my remote and open it again. Unfortunately, sometimes I'd capture part of a firework in the frame and that would be it. After stacking those exposures using Startrails, I ended up with this.
fourth of July 10 composite

I was laughing like a sparkler, even though it was far too rainy to light my sparklers. On another, darker night, I will.

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