Monday, July 5, 2010

waiting on a break in the clouds

I don't really like to have two posts up on the same day but it's raining and I have photos. I also owe an apology to those of your readers who can remember when my posts were wordier. I don't know why I've not writing as much as I used to and I'll try to remedy that.

At the moment it is raining outside and Doug is chilling out next to me. If the rain lets up a little, I may toss on my rain boots (since my sneakers are still wet from last night) and grab Marjorie and see if we can go blaze a trail.
In the mean time, I wanted to be a little silly and share some photos I took made of Doug yesterday. It was raining then too and I was anxiously awaiting a break in the clouds so we could head out for fireworks. I put my nifty fifty on Marjorie and tried my hardest to capture Doug the way I see him when there's absolutely nothing going on. When he's playing on the computer or watching something intriguing, he looks so intently. When he closes his eyelashes, he just looks so calm. And of course, he likes to hide under the covers and peek out at me.

A lot of times, I feel like I'm jumping from activity to activity; I seem to always have something to do or somewhere to be. Sometimes it's nice to just stop and observe--to really see--the way things fall into place. When I showed these pictures to Doug, he commented on how he liked the way they came out. When things are this calm and I can get close enough to look carefully, you can see the freckles. I think I needed these moments to be able to really see what's around me, rather than just what's around the bend.