Thursday, July 15, 2010

we stood atop the city and created light

After sitting through a movie that turned our minds inside-out and sideways, we needed a release. I packed sparklers and my tripod for just such an emergency. I grabbed them out of the car and ran up four flights of stairs to the top of the parking garage. But it just wasn't high enough; I wanted to be able to see all of the city unfolding below me. So I rattled my way up the stairs of the fire escape, still gripping my tripod for dear life. And there, atop the city, I opened my tripod and shot the lights unfolding beneath me.
view from the top of the city

Then I climbed down and set up my tripod once again. We passed out sparklers and took turns in front of the camera, painting with light.

First Doug.

Then Seth and Lexa.

Then myself.

We twirled and danced and got caught up in the magic. The breeze threatened to blow out our sparklers but still we played, far above a city that takes itself too seriously. It was magical and wonderful. And the view was absolutely breathtaking.

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