Tuesday, August 3, 2010

what made me happy this week

I don't really have anything specific to share but I checked my camera today to see if I had any photos I missed and I found these. It's often those random photos that I take, a few at a time, that make me smile the most when I see them in my screen saver. I know from personal experience that it is often the littlest things that become the most meaningful memories.

breakfast at the counter
I always have cream soda when I have brunch with Auntie and Uncle Larry. It's a silly indulgence from my childhood. I blame my grandpa for getting me addicted to Dr. Browns. It just sparkles and glows in the light.
window flowers
This is the way the light plays through the custom glass front doors at ten in the morning, after I've slept in and I'm ready to great the world with a smile.

I hope that when I go back to school and I am stressed beyond belief, I can look back at these photos and remember how absolutely cheerful and sunny my summer was.

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