Wednesday, April 28, 2010

tough acts to follow

After the magic moon phone call and the gorgeous pre-dance photo shoot, how am I supposed to follow up with photos from the spring formal? Especially since I did not stay the entire time. I much prefer air conditioning and my computer to overheating in a tent.

Most of the spring formal really wasn't all that awesome to photograph anyway. Group dances like the Cupid Shuffle photograph mostly like a crowd standing in formation on the dance floor. I try not to capture the type of dancing that I always assume leads to teen pregnancies. So what's really left to shoot?
spring swing dance
Swing dancing!

A few of the members from the dance club convinced the DJ to put on a swing song and took to the floor.
spring swing dance 2

I spent pretty much all my time at the spring formal watching this display in awe.
spring swing dance 3

I still like the portraits better though.

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