Sunday, April 4, 2010

abandonment issues

The other day, I saw an abandoned gas station and I wanted to go exploring. Desperately. I've seen other photographers take their cameras to cool places (Liquid in Plastic and the image is found are the first two that come to mind) and this weekend, I thought I'd check out a few places on my list.

First on my list is the Abacoa movie theater, which is currently in the process of being torn down.
Abacoa movie theater storyboard
I've been trying for a while to find out who to contact about getting inside to shoot. I guess now I never will.

I also tried to shoot at the two closed gas stations on Okeechobee Boulevard, in West Palm Beach. The one that was easy to drive up to was posted no trespassing. The other was fenced off, so I parked in the lot next door and stood on a tree stump to shoot over the fence.
gas station storyboard

On the way back, I tried to check out this amazing closed restaurant but it too was chained off and posted no trespassing.

This is where I run into what I am calling 'abandonment issues'. There are signs that say I cannot be there without permission but no signs to tell me who to ask. I know it is easier to ask forgiveness (if caught) than to ask permission but I would rather not get arrested for trespassing or breaking and entering. I wish I knew how to be an urban explorer without getting charged with a misdemeanor.


  1. the best explorers are the ones with an arrest record (or at least that's what I tell myself when the flashing blue and red lights show up)

  2. Are you going to bail me out of jail and cover my business start-up expenses when they won't give me a loan? ;)