Sunday, April 25, 2010

all dressed up and no place to go

Friday night was the spring formal here at the Honors College. It is the one night of the year in which the girls either go classy or go uh... the opposite of classy. Prior to the dance this year, we had a lovely sit-down dinner and my friends and I ended up at the 5 o'clock meal. In my life, time to kill between dinner and the dance roughly translates to photo shoot adventure time.

Obviously my friends are classy ladies and gents, especially these two.
spring formal
spring formal 4
Cassidy and Melinda just ooze charm and appropriateness.
spring formal 7
spring formal 8
Not to mention, they both picked absolutely lovely dresses.
spring formal 10

Melinda also has a male partner-in-photos. She and Denis are absolutely adorable together. I did not pose any of these shots at all.
spring formal 2
He totally mimicked Melinda's leg-lift-during-kiss, unprovoked.
spring formal 3

The most fun to be had was as a group. We brought major amounts of sunshine and cheerfulness to Abacoa. Melinda, Denis, Sarah, and Ben were enough to trigger some major flaregasms. (I take no credit for the term 'flaregasm'. I picked it up from reading the blog is found.)
spring formal 5
Once Cassidy was added to the mix, the craziness was off the charts.
spring formal 6
Other than being mistaken for high school seniors going to prom, I think those faces were perfectly appropriate. Then again, I see no problem with making my friends stand in planters if I think it'll make an interesting shot.
spring formal 9

We totally brought some rad to Abacoa. We're certainly not the Beatles, but I think we may just be cute enough that we can get away with this:
spring formal 11
Ok, maybe not. But we're still allowed to sing and play in traffic, right?

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