Thursday, April 15, 2010

demolished theater

I got it into my head that I wanted to take Marjorie for a walk and photograph the stars. It was cloudy and Abacoa has an ungodly amount of light pollution, especially when events are going on. Tonight had both a baseball game and something in town center so I decided to take advantage of the 'ambient lighting' and photograph what's left of the Abacoa movie theater. I posted about it once before here.

I brought Doug with me, partially for the company and partially so the police couldn't falsely accuse me of trespassing/loitering/doing something illegal. We stayed on the sidewalk across the street and did not disrupt anything. But you can never be too careful when walking around after dark with a camera.

Abacoa movie theater 1
Abacoa movie theater 2

This just blows my mind. There is metal framework hanging out of half-demolished concrete:
Abacoa movie theater 3
Abacoa movie theater 4

Abacoa movie theater 5

I really wish they had salvaged these lights. I think they're beautiful.
Abacoa movie theater 6

I still regret not being about to explore inside before demolition started. But it's most likely for the best, since I have no idea what it was like inside.

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  1. I heard there was a mold problem, so you know, at least you're spore free (unless by demolishing the building they released it into the atmosphere oh noes!)

    ps. my fave pics are the first one and the black and white one of the hanging beam