Sunday, July 1, 2012

there's always room for June [project 12]

When I titled this post, I had no idea that this would be one of the only posts I made this month. June was full of internet outages and time crunches. But I did complete all the challenges so I'm chalking this up as a win.

Challenge #1 – Express the following in a photo: Summer Love
project 12 - June -1 -summer love
I sort of planned this in advance. I packed our matching sunglasses and told him I wanted a photo of us kissing, but the framing was pure serendipity.

Challenge #2 – The days are getting longer, but those summer nights are fun – Show us a night photo
project 12 - June - 2 - Swap Shop bridge
We ended June on a high note and went to a piano bar. On the way home, we took the long way so I could take photos out the window. This is the bridge at the Swap Shop.

Challenge #3 – Summer is about having fun - Snap a candid photo
project 12 - June - 3 - mall carousel
There is a carousel in the food court at the mall. I love to take photos of it. This time, I focused on the canopy. It was just a quick snap and I had to be careful with my composition so I didn't look like I was photographing the kids. (As an aside: I understand parents need to protect their kids but all you have to do is ask me what I'm doing and I'll happily show you. I don't want pictures of your kids; I just want the carousel.)

Challenge #4 – Illustrate the following in a photo: Refresh
project 12 - June - 4 - refreshing lime
The first lime from our tree, complete with water droplets.

Since I take these pictures and write the post out of order, I got an amazing surprise. My lime photo was featured on the MCP Actions blog for this week's theme!

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