Sunday, July 29, 2012

the long way home

This is the last post from our Aspen adventures. (Previously, we had the wedding post and the crazy adventures in Colorado.)

After the post-wedding brunch, we hitched a ride down to Denver with some of Carrie's friends. The highway we took on the way out was closed so we took the scenic route through San Isabel National Forest. It was totally worth packing 5 grown adults into a compact car for 5 or so hours. However, that did make it a bit difficult to get good quality shots unless we were stopped.
driving to Denver 1 diptych
driving to Denver 2
driving to Denver 3
driving to Denver 4
driving to Denver 5
driving to Denver 6
driving to Denver 7
driving to Denver 8

We got a hotel room and spent the night just outside of Denver and flew out the next day. I didn't realize how much I missed the Everglades until we passed overhead and started to recognize landmarks.
Aspen airplane 8
Aspen airplane 9
Aspen airplane 10
But now that we've been home for about a week, I'm ready to travel again.

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