Sunday, July 29, 2012

adventures in Aspen

I was originally going to do this as one long post but I realized it would be way too long. Instead, I'm writing all three parts at once and scheduling them to go live in stages.

Our adventure began on our flight out. I forgot to take into account daylight savings time when I got all excited about the flight so I just missed watching the sun rise from the air. As it was, the view was still beautiful.
cool airport sunrise
Aspen airplane 1
Aspen airplane 2
Aspen airplane 3
Aspen airplane 4
Aspen airplane 5
Aspen airplane 6
Aspen airplane 7

We were met at the airport by Uncle Matt (the groom), Doug's dad and a friend of Carrie's. From there, we embarked on the long drive from Denver to Aspen. (I would be remiss if I did not note that we drove through Aurora just hours before the shooting. So continues my trend of just barely missing tragedy while I'm traveling.)
driving to Aspen 1 diptych
driving to Aspen 2
driving to Aspen 3
driving to Aspen 4
We stopped for lunch at a delicious BBQ place.
driving to Aspen 5
On the road again... We passed through a mining town with an old mine that is now open for tourists.
driving to Aspen 6
driving to Aspen 7
driving to Aspen 8
driving to Aspen 9
driving to Aspen 10
driving to Aspen 11
driving to Aspen 12
driving to Aspen 13
driving to Aspen 14
driving to Aspen 15
driving to Aspen 16
driving to Aspen 17
driving to Aspen 18
driving to Aspen 19
driving to Aspen 20
We drove through a wonderful storm. I got to watch as lightning struck the same mountain repeatedly. Unfortunately, I do not have any photos to show you.
driving to Aspen 21
driving to Aspen 22

As we were driving up, Doug's mom, grandparents, and sisters were taking the train up from Denver. We stopped off at the Glenwood Springs train station to see if they were there. We beat them but it was a lovely stop.
Glenwood Springs Amtrak station 1
Glenwood Springs Amtrak station 2

Back on the road to finish the final leg of our journey.
driving to Aspen 23
driving to Aspen 24
Welcome to Snowmass Village!
Snowmass Village 1

The next morning, while everyone else was whitewater rafting, Doug and I decided to explore Snowmass Village.
Snowmass Village 2
Snowmass Village flowers 1 diptych
Snowmass Village flowers 2 diptych
Snowmass Village flowers 3
Snowmass Village 3
Snowmass Village 4
I couldn't resist playing tourist.
Snowmass Village 5
Snowmass Village 6
Snowmass Village 7
Snowmass Village 8
Snowmass Village 9 diptych

One of my favorite things in Snowmass Village was the Ice Age Discovery Center. It was so cool to learn all about the mammoths and mastodons that used to live right where I was standing.
Ice Age Discovery Center 1
Ice Age Discovery Center 2
Ice Age Discovery Center 3

Snowmass Village 10
Snowmass Village 11
Snowmass Village 12
We took the skycab down the mountain to pick up Grandma Linda for lunch.
Snowmass Village 13
Snowmass Village 14 diptych
Snowmass Village 15 diptych
Snowmass Village 16
Snowmass Village 17
We then rode the skycab back up and had a leisurely lunch.
Snowmass Village flowers 4
Snowmass Village flowers 5
Snowmass Village 18
Snowmass Village 19
Snowmass Village 20
Snowmass Village flowers 6
Snowmass Village 21

On Saturday, while everyone else was sleeping in, I convinced Doug, Cassie, and Grandpa Butch to come with me to the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies. We hopped a bus and in twenty minutes, we were there.
Aspen Center for Environmental Studies 1
Aspen Center for Environmental Studies 2
Aspen Center for Environmental Studies 3
Aspen Center for Environmental Studies 4
Aspen Center for Environmental Studies 5
Aspen Center for Environmental Studies 6
Aspen Center for Environmental Studies 7
Aspen Center for Environmental Studies 8
Aspen Center for Environmental Studies 9
The highlight of our trip to ACES was the baby black bear we saw!
Aspen Center for Environmental Studies 10

For now, I am going to end with a few views from the backseat of the van.
driving in Colorado 1
driving in Colorado 2
driving in Colorado 3

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