Sunday, October 23, 2011

yesterdays and tomorrows

I was hoping this post would do double duty and I could introduce you to my newest camera but it's Sunday so she's chilling at the post office. I probably won't be able to blog about her because I'll be blogging about... um... it's a surprise.

In the mean time, I have photos from the library yesterday. I went to the new building for the library I went to as a kid. I love it. The first floor has tons of windows so it's bright and cheerful. I loved it. I was also obsessed with the stained glass awning. I may have laid down on the ground to get a great photo with Ida.
library awning triptych
I also spent a good few minutes 'chasing' these balloons, trying to get a shot where you could read what they say. I'd like to think that my friend Alexa is going to be able to cure cancer. (She's the mad scientist, I'm the crazy artist.)
the cure balloons diptych

I'm trying so hard to write coherent thoughts but all I can think of is being excited about my new camera and the adventures I am going to embark on this week.

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