Saturday, October 15, 2011

on gratitude

I greatly admire Christine and Alicia. They are my blog friends and they both inspire me so much. They post about their gratitudes and their struggles. The takeaway message I get is that my outlook affects my life.

Today, I've decided to share what I am grateful for. I've found that cheerfulness begets cheerfulness and I want my world to be sunshine as much as possible (except for when I'm dancing in the rain).

I am grateful for grapevine. It's my favorite native plant and it's overtaken my palm tree. Right now, it even has grapes on it.
grapevine grape diptych
I am also grateful for the wasp's great attitude. I managed to get a great shot without getting stung.
And as always, I am grateful for my camera. It lets me capture the world the way I see it and share it with you.

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