Tuesday, June 15, 2010

tactile sensation

I sometimes tell people that photography is more than just a visual pursuit for me; it's almost like there's a tactile sensation that goes with my photos. If a photo doesn't 'feel' right (too slippery, too rough, etc), I frequently delete it or spend too much time in post-processing trying to make it feel right. It's really difficult for me to explain it further.
That being said, I absolutely love using textures. They can change the way a photo 'feels' to me, as well as enhance the look/feel I was going for.

I won a coupon to Photo Flavors through a contest they held on their blog and immediately went for the textures. After a long deliberation, I opted for the Sweet Streets set.
Photo Flavors texture sample
I wish I had had these textures back when I did the vacation in Rapture six month shoot because they just add to the whole old-fashioned-underwater-utopia feel.

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