Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a mixture of business and pleasure

First, straight up business: the 100th post contest. I got some pretty funny entries.

**Hunting down men that look like Sean Connery in the South Florida urban sprawl. (twice because Megan is smart like that)
**You. Me. All the places [Dan] was too much of a [Dan] to go adventuring with you/ruined for you. Then? Bubble tea from this AMAZING Vietnamese restaurant and Goodwill.
**I have two parter. First part is a ridiculous shoot in the rain (if possible... is Florida in summer so chances are good). Second is the shower scene we discussed maybe more to it.

Thanks to the wonderful random.org, the winner is:


Shooting Seth and Lexa also qualifies as a mixture of business and pleasure. I absolutely love photography and post processing but I'd be pretty lame if I didn't admit I also love hanging out with them. I knew it was going to be fantastic when I mentioned offhand my love of abandoned buildings, retro dresses, and Chuck Taylors and they planned out something that combined all three. I had to delete a lot of shots because they were blurry from laughing so hard.

See? I can't help it though. They're super cute together.
Seth&Lexa 2
Seth&Lexa 3

As I mentioned in Lexa's teaser, she and Seth brought me to a parking garage next to an abandoned mall. It was such a lovely scene, although there was a lot of broken glass to contend with.
Seth&Lexa 4
Seth&Lexa 5
Seth&Lexa 6
Seth&Lexa 7

After a quick outfit change, we headed out to the park.
Seth&Lexa 8
Seth and Lexa had their first kiss on this bridge so how could we not shoot there?

Seth&Lexa 9

This is probably one of my favorite series of shots. It certainly ranks up there with Cassidy's skip down the boardwalk.
Seth&Lexa 10
Seth&Lexa 11

One of the things I love the most about Seth and Lexa is how much fun they are. Any crazy idea I threw out was met with willingness and even more crazy ideas. They actually asked me if I would take a jumping shot before I could ask them.
Seth&Lexa 12
Seth&Lexa 13

Of course, they also have a tendency to be all cute and mushy if left unattended. I am all for lots of kisses, hugs, and genuine smiles.
Seth&Lexa 14
Seth&Lexa 16

For straight up pleasure, please come back tomorrow for a few shots of Lexa alone. She's so stunning that I couldn't leave out any of the photos.

To end this post, which I know has dragged on just a little, I'd like to share my absolute favorite shot of the entire day.
Seth&Lexa 15
This is what it looks like to be in love.


  1. dude, that totally wasn't me that suggested hunting down sean connery look-a-likes, that's why I found it so funny

  2. 1. I like that she's wearing kicks with the fancy dress.

    2. I <3 jump pics :)

    3. I WON I WON I WON!!!!!!!!!! :)

    4. I also <3 lists lol.

  3. Ash, she needed the sneakers. There was so much broken glass and did I mention 6 flights of stairs?

    You would have won even if it hadn't been picked randomly because yours was my favorite submission.