Friday, June 18, 2010

one hundredth postcard

It has been brought to my attention that this is my hundredth post. That seems sort of surreal to me. In honor of such a momentous occasion, I am holding a contest.

For local friends who want to enter, please describe your dream photo adventure with me. For some of you, it will be a portrait session in downtown West Palm. For others, I'm sure it will involve alligators. If you win, you get this adventure with me and a disc of edited photos.

For friends who can't adventure and explore with me, you get your choice of print. Anything from my flickr, deviantART, or any other place where you've seen my photos. Just let me know which one you'd like (up to an 8x10).

You have until Sunday Tuesday night to enter. I will be reading through all the entries and listing my favorite dream adventures on the blog. To be fair, I will be picking the winner through a random number generator but I reserve the right to refuse an idea.

I was on my way to make a post when I noted that I hit 100 posts. I got postcards in the mail today from my mom from her birthday in Paris.

postcards 2
She's super funny. I suggested she celebrate by having tea at a cafe overlooking the Eiffel Tower and then hitting up the Moulin Rouge so she sent me postcards from both.


  1. Hunting down men that look like Sean Connery in the South Florida urban sprawl.

  2. You. Me. All the places fuckface-what's-his-disease? was too much of a pussy to go adventuring with you/ruined for you. Then? Bubbletea from this AMAZING Vietnamese restaurant and Goodwill.

  3. ...who's the anon? they sound like they know a good time. (I totally saw a tanned pirate-sean connery at the beach last summer. he could have been his lost twin)

  4. I have two parter. First part is a ridiculous shoot in the rain (if possible... is florida in summer so chances are good. Second is the shower scene we discussed maybe more to it.