Saturday, June 12, 2010

abandoned Crestview

I'm still working on my 'personal' photos from the Crestview trip but I am just bursting with excitement about the abandoned places I got to check out.

First and foremost is the abandoned gas station. Every single time we passed it--and we passed it often--I wanted to pull over and shoot. So Doug took me, in the rain, to get a few shots on our way out to his grandparents.
Crestview gas station

Then we hit up the old Amtrak station. I absolutely loved it and am so thankful that Doug decided to bring me out there.
Amtrak station
Amtrak station 2
The rust is such an awesome texture.

Once we got to the grandparents out in Freeport, we found my dream home. Well, dream fixer-upper.
abandoned dream house

On the way back, we went to my favorite place on the entire trip: an abandoned truck stop.

This is my favorite shot from the truck stop.

The best past was seeing Doug waiting in the car to make a quick getaway.

I found this across from Doug's house and just had to fire off a shot, even though the sky was threatening to open up again.


  1. damn you got some awesome shots! I love the amtrak station ones

  2. Thanks.
    We need to find a place like that near here.

  3. Followed your comment on EPBOT over here. Love your photos! Keep up the awesome work. :)