Saturday, February 25, 2012

the view from my neighborhood

I've had some shots in my "to blog" folder for a while but they never seemed to make it to the blog. And then today, I saw some geese prowling the neighborhood so I went and photographed them. Now I'm tacking the old photos onto the geese photos to make one blog post because it's the easiest way to clear my to-do list. Also, geese are territorial birds who hate cameras even more than sandhill cranes.
neighborhood geese triptych
mobster geese diptych

These other photos were taken one day when I noticed roots cascading down the side of my palm tree. I'm one of those people who got into photography because I wanted to show other people the way I saw the world. Well world, this is how excited I get about a plant growing in the "V"s on my palm tree. I shot these in manual mode to get them exactly how I wanted them.
putting down roots 1
putting down roots 2
putting down roots 3
putting down roots 4
putting down roots 5

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