Saturday, January 28, 2012

my idea of paradise

I never did blog the photos from last Sunday's trip to the nature preserve. I got a little distracted by the giant print and completely overlooked my "to post" queue. Since I went back today to see how the preserve looks at high noon, I might as well make this post a two-for-one. Consider it my apology.

Last week

I was meeting the twins after their scout meeting got out. When I pulled in to the parking lot, the sandhill crane was standing on the parking stone of the spot I wanted. If I could have safely taken its picture and parked, I would have. Since it seems interested in my camera and my car, I got some amazing pictures that I don't think I should have been able to get safely. (Previous experience suggests that sandhill cranes do not like the sound of the camera shutter.)
Chapel Trails adventure 1 diptych
Chapel Trails adventure 2
Chapel Trails adventure 3 diptych
Chapel Trails adventure 4 diptych
Chapel Trails adventure 5

After the meeting, we started exploring the boardwalk as a family but were quickly joined by a bunch of other scouts. There wasn't much wildlife to see but the kids were so much fun that I didn't notice. Although that might have something to do with them rocking the floating dock and/or climbing into my lap while I was trying to shoot.
Chapel Trails adventure 6 diptych
Chapel Trails adventure 7
Chapel Trails adventure 8

This week

I ventured out during high noon and didn't know what to expect as far as wildlife goes. I did know that midday sun means high contrast and tried to use that to my advantage.

Chapel Trail high noon 2
Chapel Trail high noon 3
Chapel Trail high noon 4
Chapel Trail high noon 5
Chapel Trail high noon 7
Chapel Trail high noon 11

I did some experimentation with HDR techniques to see if I could replicate the tonal range I saw in real life. Nope. Not even close. But I did make some interest composites in Photomatix and Photoshop.
Chapel Trail high noon 1

I also had an awesome experience with a wood stork. I could see him from the other end of the boardwalk and I just kept getting closer and closer until some birdwatchers scared him off.
Chapel Trail high noon 6
Chapel Trail high noon 8 diptych
Chapel Trail high noon 9
Chapel Trail high noon 10
Chapel Trail high noon 12

On today's adventure, I took my 10,000th picture on this camera and reset the internal counter.
Chapel Trail high noon 13 diptych
Chapel Trail high noon 14
Chapel Trail high noon 15 diptych
Chapel Trail high noon 16
Chapel Trail high noon 17

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  1. Beautiful butterfly pictures, and cutest little boy ever. :)