Sunday, January 8, 2012

Resolution [project 12]

Remember when I said I was looking for a less demanding photo project for 2012? I found one. Instead of doing a Project 52, I am doing a Project 12. One theme each month, open to my interpretation. With less of a time constraint, hopefully I can get a little more creative.

This month's theme is resolution. My mind immediately spun in multiple directions. First and foremost, my resolution is to keep up with this photo project throughout the entire year. I wish I had been able to keep up with last year's project a little better towards the end and would like to be more successful this time around.

Then I went to an actual photography resolution. I want to become better at shooting in manual mode in difficult moments. I much prefer to work in aperture priority or shutter priority when I'm in a difficult situation because then my camera kind of 'helps' me along. Except I frequently find myself adjusting my settings via exposure compensation anyway. The issue isn't so much what I know as whether I am confident enough to trust my own judgment. So that's my resolution for this year: to become more comfortable shooting manual in tricky situations.
manual shooting resolution
55mm, f/5.6, 1/100, ISO 400

Finally, my mind went to a Jack's Mannequin song. I doubt anyone is surprised about that. "I'm alive but I don't need a witness to know that I've survived. I'm not looking for forgiveness. I just need light. I need light in the dark as I search for the resolution."