Monday, December 24, 2012

a Hanukkah tradition

This year, due to somewhat crazy schedules, we didn't get together to make Hanukkah cookies until last night. The (belated) Hanukkah party is tomorrow! Things have just been busy around here.

I didn't make very many cookies last night so I don't have a lot of photos to share. If you want to see lots of yummy, sugary photos, please see last year's post.
Hanukkah cookies 1
Hanukkah cookies 2
However, this year is special because I found a dinosaur cookie cutter in the bin so we have sugary Steggies!
Hanukkah cookies 3
Hanukkah cookies 4
project 12 - December - 3 - Christmas tree Hanukkah cookie
Doug also decided to make speech bubbles, but he hasn't put the message in yet.
Hanukkah cookies 6
I also found a shooting star in the cookie cutter bin and somehow ended up with this. It reminds me of the "The More You Know" star.
Hanukkah cookies 7

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