Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Isn't this how it always goes? I don't post for a week or two and then I suddenly flood the blog with recent photos taken all at once. That's just how it goes sometimes. I'm sorry? Maybe...
Truthfully, I post in fits and bursts because that's when I have free time. Time to shoot, time to edit, time to blog, time to breathe... Sometimes that means that I have photos in my blogging queue that never see the light of day. They lose relevance when they sit on my desktop too long. This time, I wanted to share them before they got buried under the photos of the upcoming weeks.
After all, these are what make me happy.

I make ridiculously cute happy sounds when I watch my boss with his daughter.
boss and baby diptych
I love to sit there and kiss Doug's freckles.
I smile every time I walk past the grapevine.
grapevine in bloom
I stopped and stared while one cow nuzzled and licked the other.
cow love
I laughed until water almost came out my nose at Brotherface slurping Ramen.
brotherface Ramen

These are the moments that have been getting buried in my 'to blog' pile, yet these are the moments that remind me why I blog in the first place. This started as an open letter home as to how I was enjoying my life. Now I'm home and the function has changed: this blog now serves as an open letter to the world about how amazing and wonderful and full of love home really is.

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