Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May is more than flowers [project 12]

April showers may bring May flowers but to me, this month is about more than just flowers.

Challenge #1 – Illustrate the following word in a photo: Neighborhood
I woke up early one morning and went outside with my camera. It was quiet and still until I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye. A friendly neighborhood ibis was just walking down the street.
project 52 - May - 1 - my favorite neighbor

Challenge #2 – Sunny Day – Capture a photo with sunflare
I was just aiming my camera out the window and following the sun. I caught it.
project 12 - May - 2 - sunshine on my window
I already had the previous photo as my entry when I caught the sun peeking out from behind a building as it set. While the other picture is my official entry, I couldn't resist adding this one too.
Project 12 - May -2 - last golden rays

Challenge #3 - Illustrate the following word in a photo: Friend
He was waiting for me to come to bed like he always does. I took too long and he drifted off, still holding my stuffed animals.
project 12 - May - 3- friend snuggle

Challenge #4 – Get moving – Take a photo using motion blur
The sun was setting and I was trying to get a picture of a cow. We were moving and I got this instead. I kind of like it.
project 12 - May - 4- farm in a blur

Challenge #5 - One click – Don’t cheat. Think twice, click once - Show us your first shot
This image was intended to be more of a snapshot than a fine art portrait. I set it up such that my splicer mask on the shelf gave me 'bunny ears.'
project 12 - May - 5 - first shot

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