Monday, May 7, 2012

when Mr. Andy comes to visit

In honor of Doug's graduation, his father came down. I love seeing Mr. Andy. Somehow we always end up on crazy adventures. Somehow, I also end up forgetting to take pictures. For example, I don't have any photos from Shorty's BBQ or the fruit stand. I was just having too much fun to remember to take my camera out. I almost feel like I'm doing this blog a disservice but not having more photos. But then I remember that I was laughing too hard to remember to take pictures and that's okay by me.

Thursday was Doug's graduation, which I managed to blog in a timely manner without getting overly mushy. Friday, we went exploring. There aren't any pictures from BBQ or Key Lime pie but there are some from when we went to Chapel Trail.
Chapel Trail egret
Chapel Trail hawk
I love this 'family portrait'.
Chapel Trail shadow reflections
Chapel Trail grass vortex
Chapel Trail boardwalk diptych
Chapel Trail reflections
Chapel Trail dragonfly diptych
An anole was trying to assert its dominance. Mr. Andy stared it down until it ran away.
Chapel Trail lizard staredown
Mr. Andy got a picture of Doug and I exploring (which I copied from his Facebook).

Friday was BBQ, the fruit stand, a comic book shop, and the Pub. I don't have a single photo from any of those.

Saturday was Cinco de Mayo so we went to Tijuana Flats for lunch.
Cinco de Mayo 1
Cinco de Mayo 2
Cinco de Mayo 3
We also went to IKEA to get some furniture and Mr. Andy found a plush hedgehog for me. He was our mascot and lead us to victory.
IKEA hedgehog

The coolest part of Saturday was the supermoon. We went to Hollywood Beach to watch it rise. These photos do not do the scale of the moon justice.
Sheridan sunset
supermoon 1
supermoon Doug diptych
supermoon 3
supermoon 4
supermoon Mr Andy diptych
supermoon 7
supermoon 9
supermoon 10
We went to Jaxson's afterwards but I was too distracted by ice cream to take photos.

He left this morning and I'm already kicking myself for not taking him to more awesome places when I had the chance. I guess the in-laws will just have to come down and visit soon.

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