Thursday, November 10, 2011

"...and all the lines we cast will bring us home"

I was sad to leave Salt Lake City. I could have spent a week there and *still* felt like I needed more time to photograph everything. Heck, I needed more time just to breathe in the tranquility and the autumn-ness. But as it is, you're getting 4 blog posts from 2 days. I was so in my element.

I spent most of the flight home alternating between reading and taking pictures out the window. I think I'll always be amazed by the way everything looks from way up high and how different things are once I'm out of Florida/away from the ocean.
airplane window 21
airplane window diptych 7
airplane window 22
airplane window 24
airplane window diptych 8
airplane window 25
airplane window 26
airplane window diptych 9
My connecting flight from Denver was delayed because of snow. But there was no snow by the window I was sitting at.
airplane window 27
My last look at Denver. I could get used to views like this.
purple snow sunset

I knew before I even left which song would describe my trip. Obviously it's a Jack's Mannequin song. It conveys my wanderlust and my sense of home being where the people I love are perfectly.

"And we're still coming home, A thread through the unknown. All the lines we cast into forever got tangled like some wreckage in the road. A road we walked alone. But all the time that's passed held us together and all the lines we cast will bring us home." -Jack's Mannequin, "Casting Lines"


  1. You are amazing Brenda. I love your photos and your words. Andrew would be very proud. I know I am.

  2. I love you so much. I can't wait to come back.