Friday, August 26, 2011

blue skies, happy hearts, next 100 miles

These end of summer, transitioning to autumn skies have the most lovely shades of blue. Whenever I am in the car, I am pressed to the window with my camera, just watching the clouds go by and hoping I can capture the way I feel.
highway tree

This week, we managed to get a little lost on the way to visit a friend and managed to pass the airport a few times, with a plane landing each time. I was in heaven.
Fort Lauderdale airport 9
Fort Lauderdale airport landing
Fort Lauderdale airport 10
Fort Lauderdale airport 11
Fort Lauderdale airport landing 2

Days like today, I just want to soak up the sunshine and squirrel it away for those cold January mornings.
Shadowood sign

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  1. Wow the Plane near the bottom is Bahamasair! I'm from the Bahamas now coincidental!