Wednesday, August 3, 2011

on best friends, memories, and new stories

I started my adventure as I always do, with a window seat so I could watch the sky and try to guess what city is below me.
airplane window
My flight to the Panhandle was by way of Kentucky and I wish I could have captured the fairgrounds next to the airport but sadly, electronic devices have to be off for take-off and landing. But I did take some pictures at the airport before we whooshed off again towards Doug, who was waiting for me in Fort Walton.
Kentucky airport triptych
I sat directly over the wing, so I could see as we broke through the clouds.
airplane window diptych 2
airplane window diptych

Here's where I realize how disjointed and nonsensical this narrative is going to be. I have pictures of parts of the journey, but other moments were not documented. There are no pictures of Doug and I embracing at the airport or jumping onto the bed the second we walked through the door. I have a photo of the awesome goggles I got at a yard sale, but no photos of the antique scale or giant wooden chest we couldn't afford.
steampunk goggles and camera
Although I should probably be thankful I didn't bring my camera on our Blackwater River adventure because that was kind of a disaster. Between bottoming out on the shallows, getting stuck on submerged logs, and a "two hour trip" just barely getting us back before the sun set, I don't think I want to have visual reminders of that.

The reason I flew up was for Layla's wedding in Pensacola. She and I have been friends since we were in preschool and it was a privilege to be there when she and Brian made it official and magical.
I love taking pictures as Doug and I drive out to Pensacola. The bridges are always beautiful and the streets have an old charm that home just doesn't have.
Pensacola bridge
Pensacola streets
Pensacola vinyl

The wedding itself was beautiful. You could see Layla's personality in all the details. I don't have words for this...
Layla wedding jars
Layla wedding 1
first dance:
Layla wedding 2
Layla wedding diptych 1
Layla wedding diptych 2
father-daughter dance:
Layla wedding 3
Layla wedding 4

One of the oh-so-Layla details was the fan. It was a really hot day and we all needed them. Of course, Doug and I couldn't resist taking pictures of each other playing with the fans while the bridal party had their formal portraits done.
Doug fan diptych
my own biggest fan

We took the scenic route on the drive home. The wedding ended earlier than we had expected and the sunlight was gorgeous and we were both so overcome with love and whimsy and it just seemed like we needed an adventure.
Pensacola sunset
Pensacola pelican
The clouds were unreal.
Pensacola sunset diptych
We took the long way home and smiled for miles.
golden Doug diptych
Pensacola Beach sign diptych
This shot was a happy accident. I slid down in my seat so I could get the water tower as we drove by and the tint strip on the top of the windshield worked like a graduated filter.
epic water tower
Duke Field sunset

We stopped off to check out where something was in Fort Walton and I found this little white chapel. We just had to have a picture of me in my white wedding dress (ha!), standing outside.
Little White Chapel
Then, it was back on the road. We were surrounded by darkness and it was the most amazing feeling to see how tiny we are in the grand scheme of things. I felt like I had a star's-eye view -- although that may have been related to reading Stardust on the trip.
tiny perspective

And as many of our adventures end, we spent much time at Sonic with root beer floats.
Sonic diptych

I feel like this entry is missing a lot. But how do you photograph how it feels to burrow into your love's arms while you sleep? Or the way it feels to beat a level of a video game by yourself for the first time? The memories appear to be mine and Doug's and I think I'm okay with keeping them for ourselves. Consider this a postcard, not a letter or a journal.

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