Thursday, January 13, 2011

this counts as homework

This semester, I am taking a digital art class. Between that, I Heart Faces, and my project 52, there may be 3 posts a week. That's an ambitious posting schedule while I'm working on thesis, but I'm trying.

My assignment for this weekend is to take 100 photos. Of course, we took 60 in class. Professor Lemeh turned us loose for half an hour and expected 30 pictures when we returned. Then, she did it again with a 20 minute period. It's rather interesting to see what new perspectives on the campus I can discover when I have a time constraint and a need to be 'creative.' (The images I am turning in are straight out of camera, no editing allowed! I decided to play with a few in Photoshop and post them here because it's relaxing.)
art class diptych
brick paver plant
I was having a minor obsession moment with the texture of Dori's hair and the pattern of her shirt.
Dori hair
leaf's eye view
art class diptych 3
I have a weird sense of humor.
art class diptych 2

Yesterday's photo excursion seemed to hinge on a desire to capture texture and form. I get the feeling this is going to carry over into next week's assignment.

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