Monday, January 24, 2011

bubbles on the breeze [52:4]

I wanted to put this in the previous post but I Heart Faces specifies one shot per post and I want to be eligible to win.

Saturday, I took 100 photos of bubbles at a charity event. I was stressed out and just needed to relax.
project 52-4-bubbles in the breeze
I feel more calm already.

edited to add: I'm currently taking a digital arts class and we're in the intro to photography portion. I'm having a hard time with my peers taking a picture with no thought put into subject or composition. It's a struggle for me to take 100 pictures of bubbles because I know I'm going to need those shots for a later project, knowing that my classmates are turning in MySpace-style portraiture or snapshots of each other eating. I understand I am holding myself to a much higher standard than they hold themselves but it is majorly disheartening to see someone disrespecting my passion. Photographing the bubbles started as an assignment for myself, building my 'treasure trove' for a piece I am planning, but it ended up being a break from the ordinary. I got to relax and immerse myself in composition. I set my camera once and then just followed the bubbles as the wind changed, capturing the exciting ways in which they floated and changed. And when I got home, I decided that this qualified as soothing repetition and made this my project 52 entry for the week.

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