Thursday, August 20, 2009

a sense of wonder is important to share

sea world preview, originally uploaded by afaerieinside.

I was going to wait until I went through all my Sea World pictures before deciding what to post but I could. I just couldn't.

Right before I took this picture, I turned to my mom and went "ema! ema! look!" And of course, right in front of me were these two children who spoke Hebrew who started asking their ema [mother] to look. (And yes, I know trying to spell Hebrew words in English looks funny. Bear with me, ok?) They were just as enthralled as I was with this beautiful stingray that was just... watching everyone go by.

The way the shark encounter exhibit is set up, you can't help but be in awe as the sharks and stingrays and fish swim all around you. And with something this amazing, I just HAD to share it immediately.

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