Tuesday, August 18, 2009

my life as a mad scientist... or something

Dear readers (if there actually are any),

As my summer is drawing to a close, I am upping the adventure. That means lots of pictures for you. That also means lots of work for me. Seeing as I went to the South Florida Science Museum last Wednesday and Sea World Sunday & Monday, I have a lot to share. This is what happens when you let me be a frenzied Floridian.

baby gator


I have a borderline unhealthty love for certain species. Alligators, especially when they're all tiny and cute and can't actually sever my limbs with their jaws, make me go 'awww!' and melt into a puddle. I also like sea stars.

space alien lobsters

Crazy lobsters seem to like me. I'm not entirely sure why.

Perhaps the best part of the entire trip, photo-wise, was when my mom stood in front of the kaleidoscope. Her shirt looked so cool when viewed through it. I kind of want to tie dye a shirt to look like this.


As mad and vaguely scientific as this may be, you haven't seen anything yet. I'm hoping to be able to break Sea World down into a lot of posts so I can sloooooowly write home about everything I saw while I'm waiting for life to settle in at school. [Did I mention I'm moving back to Jupiter on Saturday? I am. So I'll have a lot of time to share older photos.]

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