Friday, August 21, 2009

I guess the best way to guarantee posts is Sea World

It's funny. I don't think I could keep up this posting schedule any other way. But since I took 560 pictures on a 24-hour trip (oops. was I not supposed to admit that?), I'm pretty much glued to my computer whenever I have a free moment. I go back to school tomorrow so I'm sure my posts will fall off but in the mean time, I'm enjoying looking at all my shots and going "Whoa! Did I do that?"

When I was trying to photograph the octopus, there was a woman next to me who was trying to do the same. She had a newer Canon SLR and the same kit lens. Envy! She stood there, took a few basic shots (with flash!) and walked off. I then sidled up and just looked at Ms. Octopus for a little while. Then I pressed my lens to the glass and took a few shots from different angles. I guess this proves that a) it's not the equipment you have but how you use it, b) I'm pretty much obsessed, and c) octopus are not the only smart ones in the aquarium.

octopus 2

Sea anemones are kind of underrated. They're home sweet home for clown fish and cousins to coral. But no one ever photographs them alone. I couldn't resist getting all friendly with this anemone.

And this picture of the intersection of the ceiling and wall tanks from the Manta aquarium should speak for itself...

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