Saturday, December 5, 2009

playing catch-up might require ketchup

I feel like I haven't been posting enough lately, especially when it comes to words. I'm tired, it's 1am, and I'm trying to be productive with regards to my photo backlog since I am pretty much exhausted studying for finals. Maybe exhausted is the wrong word; I'm more burnt out than anything else. I spent the past 5 days without my beloved Marjorie, whom I tend to refer to as "the love of my life" and all my pent-up creativity has just been smacking me around. I've had no outlet to vent all this frustration and inspiration. But now she's back and you're stuck with ramblings to go with a few pictures.
I'm pretty sure no one else notices but I uh... need to be smacked upside the head if I don't resize my photos before I post them to flickr. If I'm just blogging, full-size photos take up my allotted space before I hit the end of the month and then I have to link photos from Facebook. I've also stopped watermarking since I don't feel it makes much of a difference either way.

For those of you who read my crazy rambling, I present to you a glorious moonrise as I was waiting for Doug to kidnap Marjorie and I to go to the Camera Store:
moon over Abacoa
Perhaps I should explain the context. Marj's sensor had this icky spot on the left side. In trying to clean it, Uncle Alan left a bunch of lint. So I spent a week clone stamping out every particle I could find in my shots for hours on end and generally sulking. I'm not proud of my behavior. I was planning to take her to a shop down south while I was packing to go to Ohio (Wait, you don't know about Ohio yet. Please disregard the previous statement.) but Doug rallied his family to surprise me with a sensor cleaning ASAP. He basically called me and told me to wait for him to pick me up because he had a *surprise*.
On the way to the shop was a glorious, color-fueled, fae Florida sunset and I took a few pictures from the car on the way.
Marjorie repair sunset
That's the way I feel about Doug's family fixing Marjorie and I am so excited.

It is now finals week so I may have one or two more posts before I take a leave of absence. At the least, I will explain my leave of absence in detail. But for now, I'm mildly sleep-deprived and prone to shout about a desire to have hashbrowns with ketchup so rather than sound more deranged, I'm going to go cuddle with my camera and whisper about snow.

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