Saturday, May 4, 2013

a beautiful day in the neighborhood

For a while, I didn't really pick up my camera. I didn't shoot, I didn't edit, I didn't blog. Now that I've decided I want to keep blogging, I find myself having a hard time putting my camera down.

One of my favorite subjects to shoot is a still life. It's not normally the type of thing I find myself gravitating towards but this is a special exception. It's a vase of flowers--some silk, some dried--on the windowsill in my mom's bathroom. That window always has the most glorious light and I find myself shooting the window and its flowers frequently. They're never the same twice.
I decided to put my nifty fifty on my camera and just take a few shots.
window flowers 1
window flowers 2
window flowers 3
window flowers 4
window flowers 5

Once I had finished in the bathroom, I thought I would take advantage of the gorgeous sunlight and shoot a little bit around the neighborhood. As I walked out, I realized that it was raining. A beautiful golden hour sun shower... that's the making of a rainbow.
sunshower 1
sunshower 2
sunshower 3
sunshower 4
sunshower 5
sunshower 6
sunshower 7
sunshower 8
sunshower 9
I saw a stain on the sidewalk and stopped to take a picture of my bag in the cloud. When I looked up, I saw a full rainbow spanning the sky.
backpack cloud
sunshower rainbow 1
sunshower rainbow 2
sunshower rainbow 3
sunshower rainbow 4
I kept following the rainbow, trying to find a new perspective and make as many shots as I could before it faded away.
sunshower rainbow 5
sunshower rainbow 6
sunshower rainbow 7
sunshower rainbow 8
sunshower rainbow 9
Eventually the sun went behind a cloud and it was back to watching it rain.
sunshower 10
But oh, how lovely indirect sunlight can be!
sunshower 11

I had forgotten how much I love this. I really did miss taking photos and I'm glad I'm back. After all, someone needs to appreciate beautiful (rainy) days in the neighborhood!

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